Book I

Book II

Book III

Alex Mada Bortos

Phantom (Coming Soon)

With Spring in Their Hair

Songs of the Fae

Envious Intricacies

Nest of Webs

Elle - Personal Test

Ice Cream Flavoured Dreams-Stache Magazine

Make Me a Butterfly - Zeum Magazine (coming soon)

Glamazon-Pride Magazine

Knock Knock (coming soon)

A Small Affair-Spirited Magazine

Light as a Feather - Xquisit Magazine

Cradles of Light- Magpie Darling

Stop and Breath - Personal

Forgotten Memories (Coming Soon)

Candy Covered Memories - Personal

Snow Covered Stories - Personal

Dreamdust - Coco Magazine

You Taste Like Stardust- Coco Magazine

A Diary of Summer - Vecu Magazine

Moonlight of the Fractured Minds- Luxx

Dream With Me - W25 Magazine/Dujour Magazine/Ink Magazine

Daydreams of the Lost and Found -Dujour Magazine (Cover) / Cellardoor Magazine

Fairytale Marks the Spot - Personal

Entwined Hearts - Bad Wolf Magazine

Social & Personal Magazine

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